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Shelly Broughton: Irresistible Paintings at Market Square

Shelly Broughton is a remarkable artist:

…not only in her technique, but also in her unique style and vision. Shelly Broughton started her career as a freelance court stenographer, Suffering a personal tragedy, losing her mother of only 49, she was overcome with┬áthe realization that life is short. She quit her job and dug deep to envision a path surrounded by creativity and paint; that would feed her soul and the people who buy her artwork.

Shelly Broughton

Shelly Broughton creating on a fresh canvas.

Broughton’s painting career.

Her career started painting clothing, which lead to painting large murals. After years of dragging a ladder around and painting what others wanted, she decided to study under the direction of renowned artist, Marta Jaremko. Jaremko’s work has been shown in galleries across the glob. “When making the decision to pursue painting on canvas full time, I knew I wanted to perfect my skills,” stated Shelly. “She was an amazing mentor and she really has made an impact on my career as an artist,” adds Broughton.

From landscapes to seascapes to farm animals…

Shelly’s painting can be described as irresistible. “Paint something irresistible and you are successful,” states Shelly. Her animals are happy, alluring and they bring joy, but they have incredible technique and life likeness. Shelly also does a line of moon themes that are so powerful. “Complete strangers walk up to the art work and start to cry. Something brings them great comfort,” says Broughton.

Shelly Broughton, artist.

Joyful farm animals by Shelly Broughton.

Shelly Broughton

Irresistible animals by Shelly Broughton.

She started her business when her twin girls were still in cribs. Now her daughter Nicolle opened her own store 4 years ago in an Urban Historic area that features Shelly’s work. “It gave me a brand-new platform. Allowed me to try new things, see how the public would react to different bodies of work and I tried a little of everything. Nicolle’s taste has influenced my painting and I am a better painter because of it,” stated Shelly.

Shelly’s business has grown

Shelly offers both originals and hand-embellished prints from the originals. Each piece has layers of hand-painted layers on top of the print. Her business has grown so much that her daughter Chelsea has been an apprentice and has now perfected the technique. Every single print can vary and be unique and it looks like an original.

Shelly Broughton Art

Artwork by Shelly Broughton.

Limited Broughton’s paintings available wholesale!

Now Shelly has the time to go back to making her artwork available on a limited basis to the wholesale market. You can see Shelly and her work at the Market Square Cash & Carry Show February 5 & 6 at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. For more information contact Shelly at