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3 Ways to Buy:


Order Writing is a combination of American-made and artist-inspired manufactured goods. Orders are placed at the show then made and shipped to the store at a future date (available at our February markets).


Cash and Carry offers next-day shelf inventory and savings on shipping. Buyers purchase on-the-spot wholesale from the exhibitor’s inventory, enabling buyers to take stock with them for immediate retail display.


Gallery “Handmade in America” showcases elite craftspeople that distill purist pride in the process of making. Gallery artisans choose their mode of selling to buyers – order writing or “cash and carry” (available at our February markets).

Qualify as a Buyer

Market Square Shows are open to the trade only. As a storeowner, you can appreciate the industry’s expected professionalism of ensuring that only wholesale transactions by qualified buyers are conducted at our shows. So, that’s why it’s important you provide proof that you are affiliated with a retail business that resells products displayed at our market.  

To help you, we’ve developed the checklist below so that you can organize the proper documents you’ll need to send along with your Buyer Registration Form to qualify as a buyer.

Buyer Checklist

1. Company Credentials:

Copy of Resale Tax Certificate (required)
Recent Wholesale Business Invoice from gift or home decor industry (required)

2. One Form of Company ID:

(the following are acceptable, choose one).

A voided business check, or
A copy of your federal ID number, or
A storefront photo

3. “Employee of Company” Credentials:

One form required for each employee (must be supplied by each employee registering as a buyer, business cards not accepted, choose one).

A W-2 form, or
A copy of a cancelled company payroll check, or
A copy of a company credit card imprinted with both the name of the employee and company.

Buyer Policies

  • If you haven’t attended a Market Square show or The Buyers Cash & Carry in the last 3 years you will need to re-register
  • After completed registration is received you will be notified via email or mail
  • Badges will not be mailed prior to the market.  Simply present your photo ID (driver’s license) at the pre-registration desk and your badges will be printed on site.
  • Cameras/photography, strollers and children under 15 are not permitted on the showroom floor.