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Success Story: Krisnick, Tom Panetta

Success Story: Krisnick, Tom Panetta

Who are some of the biggest influences on your art?
When I was in high school, Francis Dubon was both my art history teacher and color and design teacher. She always encouraged me as an artist. She actually did the artwork for my business card logo and price tags.
I’ve also been heavily […]

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Success Story: Alechia’s Unique House of Country

Alechia’s Unique House of Country: Alechia Hause

How did you get started in our business?

Alechia Hause

I got started almost 30 years ago, with literally a bag of rags. The newspaper did an article on my story, and it was titled Rags to Riches. It all started with me trying to figure out a unique […]

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Success Story: Black Crow Candle

Q & A with Black Crow Candle
Where is your business?

It’s located in Canton, Illinois. I bought an old building that’s so large, it has 4 different addresses, all within the same building. The building houses Black Crow Candle, a store front, and a little wiggle room to do new things for the community.

Black […]

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Featured Exhibitor: Warm Glow Candle Co.

Perfecting the candle: Warm Glow Candle Co.

Try one of Warm Glow Candle Company’s three-wick candles in scents such as evening mocha, caramel corn, and northern pine. Or, stock up on bags of potpourri, scented atomizers, and votive six-packs. 

Country Spice Hearth scented candle by Warm Glow Candle Company.

Owners, Jackie and Alan Carberry, have perfected […]

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Featured Exhibitor: Honey and Me

Exhibitor, Honey and Me, has unique product line.

Whether it’s for fall, Christmas or just everyday, Honey and Me designs by Lisa Liffick is a go-to style for any store. The collection has hundreds of pieces and it will be sure to both inspire and excite your customers.

Whimsical holiday decor by exhibitor, Honey and Me.


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Seminar: American Farmhouse

Displays by industry leaders combining American Farmhouse styles.

Join us Sunday, February 4th at 2:00 p.m. for a seminar lead by Diana Jones, Publisher of Smart Retailer. Industry leaders will create displays combining American Farmhouse with a mix of market styles. Our panel of experts include Carol Endres, Kathleen Copeletti and Cecilia Taylor who will share […]

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Dunroven House: Diverse Fabric and Upholstered Furniture

Dunroven House, where quality meets diversification.

With over 365 designer fabrics, Dunroven House has become the fashion leader in the fabric and upholstered industry with countless opportunities to customize your customers selection of tea towels, window treatments, throws, bedding, table top and upholstered furniture.

Roots as a maker of upholstered furniture.

Dunroven House was founded in 1984 primarily […]

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Shelly Broughton: Irresistible Paintings at Market Square

Shelly Broughton is a remarkable artist:

…not only in her technique, but also in her unique style and vision. Shelly Broughton started her career as a freelance court stenographer, Suffering a personal tragedy, losing her mother of only 49, she was overcome with the realization that life is short. She quit her job and dug deep to […]

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CTW Home Collection: Largest selection of new products

CTW has a large influence on our industry.

Anyone familiar with CTW Home Collection recognizes the influence they have on our industry. For more than two decades the industry has looked to CTW to see what’s hot and what’s in style. They clearly have an innate ability to develop and understand the trends and merchandise the […]

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Shooner Pottery: A rare opportunity to buy wholesale

Market Square buyers will have a rare opportunity to purchase their product at wholesale pricing. Every piece is handmade and unique and no two pieces are the same, for that reason buyers will only be able to purchase their product at the Gallery show.

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