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New! Ohio Order Writing Show.

Prepare to experience Ohio’s newest gift source — Market Square’s order writing show.

The order writing show premiere’s on Tuesday, March 10 and Wednesday, March 11, 2020 at the Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio.

Intricate creations handmade by Aunt Liz’s Attic.

True Honey Teas — proudly blended and packed in […]

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Success Story: Philip Marc Sons of Liberty

Philip Marc Sons of Liberty: Philip Patragnoni

Philip Patragnoni, the artisan behind Philip Marc Sons of Liberty.

What was your inspiration for starting Philip Marc Sons of Liberty?

I  was  introduced  to  American  history  by  my  parents  during  the  1976  Bicentennial. I  remember  vividly  those trips  to  Philadelphia!  The  memories  never  left  me. I went  […]

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Success Story: KMI International Corp

KMI International Corp: Mohammed Ibrahim

KMI International’s Mohammad and Karen.

Who’s made the biggest impact in your life?

Without question my Dad. He was an extremely wise man, educated, hardworking and honest. He was an incredible role model and I would not be the man I am today without him.

How did KMI come to fruition?

I […]

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Success Story: MarshmallowMBA

MarshmallowMBA: Amy Trout Hughes & Sandra Stegman

MarshmallowMBA: Amy Trout Hughes and Sandra Stegman

What was life before MarshmallowMBA? 

Sandra & I were roommates in undergrad at Penn State. After school, Sandra went into industrial metal sales and I went into Federal government service as a contractor for 22 years. After a while, I knew I […]

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Celebrating 30 Years and Thriving!

Thirty and Thriving — 30 years of shows, exhibitors and buyers at Market Square.

Market Square, Inc is celebrating 30 years…and thriving thanks to all of our exhibitors and buyers. These are some of the businesses that have been exhibiting with us for decades.


On-trend unique antique reproductions by Ragon House.

Ragon House

Ragon House is […]

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Success Story: Pine Creek

An interview with Pine Creek: Marc Baruffaldi

Marc Baruffaldi

How long have you been running Pine Creek?
I started in 1999. In January it will be 20 years.
How did you get started?
I started making wooden doll furniture and rocking horses in my garage. We would go from store to store selling our products. Then we […]

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Success Story: Krisnick, Tom Panetta

Success Story: Krisnick, Tom Panetta

Who are some of the biggest influences on your art?
When I was in high school, Francis Dubon was both my art history teacher and color and design teacher. She always encouraged me as an artist. She actually did the artwork for my business card logo and price tags.
I’ve also been heavily […]

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Success Story: Alechia’s Unique House of Country

Alechia’s Unique House of Country: Alechia Hause

How did you get started in our business?

Alechia Hause

I got started almost 30 years ago, with literally a bag of rags. The newspaper did an article on my story, and it was titled Rags to Riches. It all started with me trying to figure out a […]

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Success Story: Black Crow Candle

Q & A with Black Crow Candle
Where is your business?

It’s located in Canton, Illinois. I bought an old building that’s so large, it has 4 different addresses, all within the same building. The building houses Black Crow Candle, a store front, and a little wiggle room to do new things for the community.

Featured Exhibitor: Warm Glow Candle Co.

Perfecting the candle: Warm Glow Candle Co.

Try one of Warm Glow Candle Company’s three-wick candles in scents such as evening mocha, caramel corn, and northern pine. Or, stock up on bags of potpourri, scented atomizers, and votive six-packs. 

Country Spice Hearth scented candle by Warm Glow Candle Company.

Owners, Jackie and Alan Carberry, have […]

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