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Success Story: Pine Creek

An interview with Pine Creek: Marc Baruffaldi

Marc Baruffaldi

Marc Baruffaldi

How long have you been running Pine Creek?
I started in 1999. In January it will be 20 years.
How did you get started?
I started making wooden doll furniture and rocking horses in my garage. We would go from store to store selling our products. Then we expanded and began selling wrought iron products. We found success, grew, expanded, and we contracted for help to create our products. That was the beginning of Pine Creek.
Textiles by Pine Creek.

Textiles by Pine Creek.

Can you describe the moment you first discovered you wanted to be an entrepreneur and pursue Pine Creek?
After graduating college, I was in sales for many years I sold copiers, paper, office supplies. You name it. I was fortunate, and I was successful, but I wanted more. I wanted to use my creative side and be passionate about what I was doing. I also didn’t want to be held back by working for someone. The pursuit of Pine Creek was initiated by a love and passion for history and my desire to be creative.
What would you describe as one of the keys to your success?
Listening to our customers. They need new colors so we design with the newest colors. They need a product fast so we send it quickly. We take time with them and listen to their needs. We can grow and develop with their help. Without customers, you have nothing.
What’s your favorite item that you offer at Pine Creek, and why?
There are several, but right now I’m excited about the galvanized line which ranges from bowls to pitchers, to containers to dishes. They are so fun because we can offer them in several finishes. What I love about it is how versatile the line is. A buyer can bring it into their store and cater to various customers with vastly different tastes, such as modern, farmhouse, traditional and primitive. It really should be a staple for every store.
Pine Creek galvanized line

The galvanized line by Pine Creek.

If you could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, who would it be?
George Washington. He set the stage for America, and he never gave up. We really should have lost The Revolutionary War, but he persisted and continued fighting for what he believed. I would like the opportunity to have know the man and the thoughts behind his actions.
What’s your advice for people who want to follow their passion like you do?
First, anything worth pursuing is not easy. You are going to get knocked down tons of times. Just keep going. Keep getting up no matter how often you fall down, and then get up and try again. I know it’s a cliché, but it is so true. Also, you need to have passion in what you are doing and believe in it. Finally, do it because you love to do it, and not just for the money. The money will come. Always be up for a challenge, and follow your dream.
What is a usual day like for you?
When I am not traveling, I arrive at the office and review the daily day to day operations. I set weekly and daily goals for myself and my team. We don’t waste time with a lot of meetings. We get right to work. Every day is different, whether it’s shipping, designing products, customer service, inventory, working with designers, traveling, or planning show details. That is one thing I love about running Pine Creek. I have also learned that you are only as good as the people surrounding you. I am fortunate to have a staff that is creative, hardworking, and goal orientated. 
Farmhouse-style products by Pine Creek.

Farmhouse-style products by Pine Creek.

What did you want to be when you were little?
A rock star. Then, as I got older, I wanted to be a professional golfer. Unfortunately, golf was for the rich, and we didn’t have money. My Mom would always say, “The golf life is too expensive.” My Mom wanted me to be a lawyer, banker, or doctor because you get two weeks vacation and benefits. 
Traditional primitives by Pine Creek.

Traditional primitives by Pine Creek.

If people want to find out more about Pine Creek, where can they look?
Visit us on our website at or call us direct at 570-558-6291. My team and I appreciate the opportunity to speak to our customers.
Find Pine Creek at our 3-day wholesale show February 3-5, 2019 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Valley Forge/Oaks, Pennsylvania. They will be exhibiting in both the order-writing exhibit hall and the Buyers Cash and Carry.