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Success Story: Philip Marc Sons of Liberty

Philip Marc Sons of Liberty: Philip Patragnoni

Philip Marc Sons of Liberty

Philip Patragnoni, the artisan behind Philip Marc Sons of Liberty.

What was your inspiration for starting Philip Marc Sons of Liberty?

I  was  introduced  to  American  history  by  my  parents  during  the  1976  Bicentennial. I  remember  vividly  those trips  to  Philadelphia!  The  memories  never  left  me. I went  on to  receive  my  Finance  Degree  from  Drexel  University.  While  there,  I  had  an  American History  class  where  I  learned  that  if  the  Sons  of  Liberty had  not  been formed, we  would not  be standing  here today. They  were  the  catalyst  for  our  freedom. The colonists  had  free  market  and  then  England  began taxing. They  were  horrified  by  this,  and  knew  that signaled  the  beginning  of  even  more  taxation, which would  in  turn  impede  their  trade. That’s  when  the Sons  of  Liberty  were  formed. They  were  a  secret organization  created  to  advance  the  rights  of  European colonists  to  fight  taxation  by  the  British  government. Those  members;  Samuel Adams, Patrick  Henry, Benedict  Arnold  and  Joseph  Warren, played  a  vital role  in  spearheading  the  Sons  of  Liberty. The  men and  women who helped shape America and the story  of our  freedom  have  always  remained  in  my  mind.

How did you get started?

It  was Thanksgiving  Day  three  years  ago, and  we  were all  at  my  brother’s  house. I  was  sitting  across  from  a  new tavern  sign  that  my  sister-in-law  had  just  purchased from  Colonial  Williamsburg. It  was  at  that  moment  that  I decided  I  was  going  to  create  art  inspired  by  that  period that  helped  form  our  country. I  went  home  that  night and sketched  my first  sign. It  was  Benjamin  Franklin’s Join,  or  Die. I  gave  it  to  my  brother  and  sister-in-law. I  started  creating  pieces  for  my  family  and  friends. One day  I  received  a  letter  from  the  Chestertown Tea  Party Festival  organizers…they  reenact  the  Boston Tea  Party… asking  me to participate  in  their  Memorial  weekend show. My greatest  satisfaction  comes  from  talking  to the  people  we’ve  met  at  such  shows, and seeing  their overwhelmingly  positive  response  to  my  work.

Philip Marc Sons of Liberty

A reproduction of the American Revolutionary War flag by Philip Marc Sons of Liberty.

If  you  could  have  dinner  with  a historical  person,  who  would  it  be?

–George  Washington

What would you ask him?

I  would  love  to  know what was going through his mind in  the  final  months  of  1776. This  period  is  considered by  most historians  as America’s  darkest  hour. He  had lost  every  battle.  His  troop  strength  had  shrunk  ninety percent,  his  top  generals  no  longer  had  confidence  in him, his  army  had no supplies  and our Congress  was in hiding.  He  needed  a miracle  and  he needed it fast. The fate  of  our  entire  nation, and  our  “cause” .liberty .lie in  his  hands. He  devised  an  aggressive  attack  on  a Hessian  outpost  in Trenton, NJ. He  would  cross  the Delaware  on  Christmas  night  and  march  nine  miles  in a  winter  storm. Thirty  percent  of  his  troops  didn’t  have shoes  –  you  could  follow  their  path  from  the  blood stained  snow  they  left  behind. He  successfully  seized the  Hessian  outpost  without  losing  a  single  Continental soldier.  He  survived  a  second  crossing/Battle  of  Trenton on January  2nd. A miraculous  fog  saved  his  entire army and provided  him the necessary  cover  to  escape Cornwallis. This  allowed  him  to  to  stage  another  divisive attack  on  Cornwallis’  rear  guard  stationed  at  Princeton. What he achieved in ten days  is  considered  the  greatest military  feat  in  the  history  of  warfare. It  shocked  the entire  world  and  emboldened  our  fledgling  nation. He knew the fate of  millions  depended, under  God, on the courage  and conduct  of  his  army.

Philip Marc Sons of Liberty

The company’s first reproduction sign was Benjamin Franklin’s Join, or Die. Philip Marc Sons of Liberty.

How important  is  it  to  teach  Patriotism to  the  next  generation?

Ronald  Reagan  said  it  best, “freedom  is  never  more than  one  generation  from  extinction.”  They  used  to publish  pamphlets  that  would  tell  people  about  how we achieved  freedom  and  now we are willing  to relinquish  it. They  don’t  know  the  greatness  that changed  the  world. Thomas  Paine  said  it  well, “Those  who  want  to  reap  the  benefits  of  this  great nation  must  bear  the  fatigue  of  supporting  it.”  Men and  women have sacrificed  so  much  so  we  can  have freedom. We  cannot  forget  or  we  risk  losing  it.

What’s  your  advice  for  people  who  want to  follow  their  passion  like  you  do?

Never  doubt  yourself. You  will  meet  many  people  who tell  you  not  to  do  it. I  always  thrive  on  hearing  that and I  want to prove them wrong. Hard work does pays off.  While  at  Mt. Vernon  the  commander  of  the  United States  Air  Craft  Carrier  George  Washington  bought  a piece  to  hang  in  the  ship, I  was  selected  for  EAL’s  Best of  the  Best  4  years  in  a  row  and I had the privilege  of designing  a  t-shirt  for  Washington  Crossing  gift  shop.

Philip Marc Sons of Liberty

A line of t-shirts by Philip Marc Sons of Liberty.

What would you describe  as  one  of the  keys  to  your  success?

A lot  of  ambition  and  hard  work. Since  I  was  a  teenager, I  have  thought  like  an  entrepreneur. I  never  give  up and  have  endless  energy. This  is  the  best  of  both  worlds to  be  able  to  work  at  something  I  am  passionate  about. Ultimately,  I  want  to  create  an  American  brand. A  brand that  celebrates  our  history.

If  people  want  to  find  out  more  about  Philip Marc  Sons  of  Liberty, where  can  they  look?

Check  out  our  website  and  Facebook  for  frequent  posts. 

Find Philip Marc Sons of Liberty in the gallery of our 3-day February wholesale show, February 3-5, 2019, at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.