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Success Story: Alechia’s Unique House of Country

Alechia’s Unique House of Country: Alechia Hause

How did you get started in our business?
Alechia Hause

Alechia Hause

I got started almost 30 years ago, with literally a bag of rags. The newspaper did an article on my story, and it was titled Rags to Riches. It all started with me trying to figure out a unique Christmas gift to give to my employees.
There is a factory in Williamsport, PA that makes clothing, and they incinerate their waste. I approached them about buying the stripping, and they sold it to me for 25 cents a pound. I took the rags, made them into woven rugs, and gave them to each of my employees. That was the start of Alechia’s Rag Rugs. People would ask about them and began asking me to make one for their home or as a gift.
My business started in my one car garage. I got so busy that I decided to rent this little white house next to the Lycoming Mall. People started coming from near and far. Mall management wondered why everyone was going to the little white house, instead of the mall. When they found out what I was up to, they invited me into the mall with my rugs and chair pads. I sold out immediately.
How have things changed since then?
The business grew, and we’re now in 7 malls. I began buying other handmade items for the stores. It was crazy. I was constantly buying, and I became well-known in the industry because of the volume I was buying for the stores. I decided to buy a 6,700 square-foot store right outside the mall, in which I am still there to this day.
What aspect of the business do you enjoy the most?
The freedom to buy and purchase what I want. I go by my instincts and know what I buy will sell. It has worked well for me and has given my son and me a great life. I get to be creative, pick and choose the merchandise, and I have a store full of things that I love. You have to work hard. You have to know where to buy from, and do your homework, but I love being an entrepreneur. I have always been a risk-taker, and am happy that I do not have to answer to anyone, except myself.
Products by Alechia's Unique House of Country

Products by Alechia’s Unique House of Country

How does owning a store influence what you create?
We can set the trend. If we buy a bag, we can add flowers and display it so it will sell. Also, talking to the customers daily allows me to learn the interests and needs of my customers.
Alechia's Unique House of Country

Alechia’s Unique House of Country

What are the buying trends, and what are consumers looking for?
The industry is constantly changing. When I first started, the rage was country and ducks, then primitives and antiques, and then the grungy look.  Now everyone is buying the industrial farmhouse whites and greys. However, I always stay grounded with who we are. We offer the current trend, but we have always kept our antiques, primitives, and our hand-made items. What makes the Market Square Show a destination for store owners? Market Square is made of mom and pop stores that are selling their own homemade wears. There is no uniqueness at the larger shows. At Market Square, I can find something unique that I just can’t find at the larger shows.
What’s your advice for people who want to follow their passion, like you do?
Don’t be afraid to go with your gut and take risks. Be confident. Buy what you love, and believe in it. Look ahead and realize you can make it popular. Make your own trends. Be your own self; be different. You must be unique to succeed. Don’t follow what your neighbor is doing. Be a leader. When they go to your shop, you want people to love it and be overwhelmed when they walk inside.
What’s your favorite item to make?
My little tiny hand-sized ornaments. We offer handmade smalls for every season. For Christmas, we have hundreds of ornaments, like, for example, cinnamon stars. For Halloween, we offer ghost ornaments and for Easter, miniature bunnies. They are so fun to create, and our customers love them. 
You always push the envelope when you put together your booth. How does that make a difference in your sales?
I will tell you, when Market Square puts on a show we go in advance so we can display our merchandise. I arrive two days before the show. I take my time setting it up. We are there to work. Also, I always bring enough inventory, and show the buyers how to display it. I take it seriously and put everything I can into the display, and it pays off.
Fall at Alechia's Unique House of Country

Fall at Alechia’s Unique House of Country

Where can buyers find you?
They can call me or go to our selling site: or like us on Facebook and join Alechia’s early house.