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Artist Demo: Finely-Crafted Pottery

Techniques and creative inspirations of SJ Pottery.

Sue Skinner and Joe Jostes of SJ Pottery will demonstrate the making of their unique pottery at 3 p.m. on Monday, February 6th during Market Square Shows at The Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

Their limited production studio in Salesville, Arkansas is dedicated to aesthetics, craftsmanship and function of each piece they hand-create. “We do not run from the words craft or craftsmanship,” says Sue. “Instead, we strive to earn these well established historical ideals while creating a functional form of art. Functional art to be used in and to enrich your daily rituals and life.”

In their studio, the duo creates traditionally inspired mocha, redware, and salt-glazed stoneware, and as their website states, “whatever else catches our fancy.” That fancy many times includes commemorative pieces.

Mocha pottery by SJ Pottery.

Mocha pottery by SJ Pottery.

Mocha, Redware and Salt-glazed Stoneware.

Large platters of mocha offer the artists plenty of space to decorate with patterns and colors. Redware provides the perfect canvas to tell stories of everyday life, activities and emotions using sgraffito, a pottery process of applying two successive layers of contrasting slip or glaze to an unfired piece and then scratching a drawing to reveal parts of the underlying layer. Salt-glazed stoneware offers appreciation for not only the artwork but also added natural variations created in the kiln firing.

Redware with sgraffito.

Redware with sgraffito.

“Sue and Joe bring to their work historical significance, yet their own stamp of personal authenticity and rich artistry”, says Kathy Goodrich, president of Market Square Shows. “In talking with the artists during their scheduled demonstration buyers will gain a full appreciation for what artistic inspirations appear in their work as well as techniques used.”  

Retelling the Traditional Story.

Sue and Joe draw inspiration from English, French, German and American ‘pots of old’. “Interpreting what has been done in the past allows us to add our link to the existing chain of traditional pottery,” says Joe. “In retelling the traditional story we offer a ware that feels familiar while offering ourselves a personal voice with the creative process.” Adds, Sue, “Allowing ourselves to retell this traditional story through our own hearts and hands keeps our lives and we hope our work fresh and interesting.”

Salt-glazed pottery by SJ Pottery.

Salt-glazed pottery by SJ Pottery.

Learn More.

Learn more about SJ Pottery at

Market Square’s wholesale show in Valley Forge/Oaks, Pennsylvania will run from February 5-7, 2017 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and will include three wholesale ways to buy – order-writing, artisan gallery, and cash and carry.

Since 1989, Market Square has been managing unique and successful wholesale shows throughout the country presenting one of a kind gift and home décor products in traditional, farmhouse, primitive and vintage styles. Market Square is well known for shows in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; Madison, Wisconsin; Marlborough, Massachusetts; and Springfield, Ohio. For more information about buying and exhibiting at Market Square visit or call 717-796-2377.