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Artist Demo: Pewter making.

Preserving the tradition of pewter making.

Makers of pewter, Thomas and Patricia Hooper of Missouri, established ASL Foundry in 1995. With a love of pewter making, they create tableware, household and personal items with original designs inspired by tradition, mythology and folklore.

Artisan demonstration.

The Hooper’s will demonstrate their fine craft of pewter making at 11 a.m. on Monday, February 6th during Market Square Shows at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. “The artist demonstrations enable our buyers to meet the artists and talk to them first-hand about their work and creative process,” says Kathy Goodrich, president of Market Square Shows.

Tom Hooper shows the process of making pewter.

Tom Hooper shows the process of pewter-making.


Handmade artisans.

All done at the hands of the couple, they cast into molds, turn on a lathe, and fabricate the metal.  Buyers find durable and collector-worthy lines of tableware — plates, flatware, sconces, candlesticks, bowls, tea and coffee service, and many other items for use in dining.

Using traditional lathe work, Tom creates plates and goblets. “That process includes cutting wooden forms to each desired shape,” says Patricia. “The result is an inclusive line of wholly innovative and exceptional pewter ware that is functional as well as decorative.”

Pewter making.

Tom Hooper pours molten pewter into molds.

Pewter molds

Pewter formed and cooled in molds by Tom Hooper.

For castings, a combination of the Hooper’s own designs as well as an acquired collection of historic and antique bronze, aluminum and steel molds are used in the ASL Foundry.

Commitment to the craft.

A dedication to traditional craft led them to be the founders, charter members and officers of Traditional Handcrafters of America. “We share a fascination with European and American history, which translates to our work”, says Tom. “Our historical pieces give historic accuracy to the collector, re-enactor or enthusiast.” Over 500 pieces of their pewter were used on the sets of a 2007 HBO mini-series about the life of founding father John Adams – the ultimate testament to the historic accuracy of their work.

Tools of the pewter maker.

Tools of the pewter maker.

Tom Hooper, pewter craftsman.

Tom Hooper, pewter craftsman.

Learn more about ASL Foundry at

Market Square’s wholesale show in Valley Forge/Oaks, Pennsylvania will run from February 5-7, 2017 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and will include three wholesale ways to buy – order-writing, artisan gallery, and cash and carry.

Since 1989, Market Square has been managing unique and successful wholesale shows throughout the country presenting one of a kind gift and home décor products in traditional, farmhouse, primitive and vintage styles. Market Square is well known for shows in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; Madison, Wisconsin; Marlborough, Massachusetts; and Springfield, Ohio. For more information about buying and exhibiting at Market Square visit or call 717-796-2377.