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Artist Demo: Unconventional Pottery by Mud & Maker

Pottery demonstration by an unconventional artist.

Stephanie Premich, unconventional potter of Mud & Maker from Pottsville, Pennsylvania, will demonstrate her talents of pottery making at 3 p.m. on Monday, February 8, 2016 during Market Square Shows at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center.

“We create opportunities for buyers to meet and engage with our many artists and learn how they go about their creative process,” says Kathy Goodrich, president of Market Square Shows. “The demonstrations enable buyers to casually talk with the artists. They get to see work in progress and become more familiar with the talents and processes behind the unique, handmade products at our shows.”

Unconventional pottery

Unconventional pottery by Mud & Maker.

Market Square is well known for impeccable jurying of unique exhibitors and artesian products. And, Premich’s work is a perfect match with pottery that blends multiple techniques and mediums to create handcrafted and original one of a kind pieces. “I’m inspired by our natural surroundings and the people that we meet,” says Premich. “You’ll find our designs to be playful and witty, and a blend of colorful yet rustic aesthetic.”

Handmade pottery

Unique, handmade pottery by Mud & Maker.

In 2012, Pemrich and her partner, Ryan Zajac opened their gallery, store and studio Mud & Maker in Pottsville. There, she teaches cleverly crafted seasonal workshops where locals enjoy getting their hands dirty making pottery creations of their own. They even take their workshops on the road where residents and students in elderly care facilities, daycare centers, preschools, and schools glaze a piece of pottery.

Mud & Maker gallery and store.

Mud & Maker pottery gallery and store in Pottsville, Pennsylvania.

Pemrich and Zajac are graduates of Arcadia University where she studied interior architecture and ceramics and he studied economics. Learn more about their pottery business at

Artist demonstrations at Market Square Shows will take place at the top of each hour on Sunday, February 7 and Monday, February 8. Other artisan participating in the series include Lux Aromatica, ASL Pewter, Ridge Hollow Game Boards, Susan Daul Folk Art, The Country Shop, The Little Emporium, and Lawrence Crouse Workshop.

Since 1989, Market Square has been managing unique and successful wholesale shows throughout the country. Market Square is well known for shows in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; Madison, Wisconsin; and Marlborough, Massachusetts. The company will present a new show in Springfield, Ohio in March 2016. For more information visit or call 717-796-2377.