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Ear Cuffs, A Unique Alternative to Earrings

Elegant Ear Cuffs by Fiona offer a traditional look.

For Fiona Thompson of Pennsylvania ear cuffs have become her ear jewelry of choice. She always loved wearing pierced earrings. But as a teen she developed an allergic reaction to the materials and despite her love for ear bling had to give up wearing them. Years later, she was introduced to ear cuffs worn as comfortable alternatives to pierced or clip-on earrings – no hole required. So began her inspiration to create her own line.  

Ear Cuffs by Elegant EarCuffs by Fiona.

Ear cuffs by Elegant EarCuffs by Fiona are a unique and classy alternative to earrings.

“Most designs I found were for one ear only or made more of an impact than I was looking for,” says Fiona.   For her line, Elegant EarCuffs by Fiona, she aims to create traditional designs that beautifully accessorize without being overwhelming. She makes the cuffs in pairs and singles.  The cuffs will be available for wholesale buyers in the Market Square Artisan Gallery from February 7-9, 2016 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

“Buyers looking to carry accessory gifts for gals looking for unique glam then these ear cuffs fit the need,” says Kathy Goodrich, president of Market Square. “We feel strongly that our shows bring a diverse approach to unique products while still maintaining a traditional appeal.”

Fiona points out that the cuffs are great for little girls not quite ready for ear piercing, brides wanting a different design for their big day, young ladies looking for unique ear jewelry for the prom, and ladies with metal allergies or ear lobe issues from previous piercing.

Want to see how to wear ear cuffs? Then watch this video by Fiona:

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