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Artist Demonstration: Angel Wings

Handmade Angel Wings and Gifts

Kelley Bowers of Angels of heART is a maker of handmade angel gifts and will be demonstrating how she makes her heartfelt and soulful angel wings at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, June 14 at Market Square Shows in Oaks, Pennsylvania.

Bowers is part of a series of six artist demonstrations planned throughout the 3-day wholesale show that runs from June 13 to June 15 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center. “The series of artist demonstrations is an integral part of our shows,” says Kathy Goodrich, president of Market Square. “Buyers are able to learn more about the artist’s process and ask questions. Seeing the work first-hand and meeting the artist builds trust in the artist-buyer relationship.”

Bowers’ work is a combination of wood and sculpture. “From the cutting of the wood, the sculpting of the wings, the paint strokes, to the final glaze, every angel is handcrafted and numbered to create a heartfelt work of art”, says Kelley Bowers. “Each angel is so unique, they’re like snowflakes in that no two are alike.”

Angel wings by Angels of heART

Handmade inspirational angel wings by Angels of heART.

The Angels of heART are specially created by Bowers for weddings, births, house warming, and hope, and are intended “ to help people heal, feel joy, love, comfort and find themselves at peace”, says Bowers. Visit for more information about Kelley Bowers and her Angels of the heART.

Other artists participating in the series of demonstrations include Camden Pottery/Johnson Gallery, Loominations, McQuinna’s Cupboard, Jason Wolff Pottery, and Christopher’s Creative Designs.

Market Square’s wholesale show in Valley Forge/Oaks, Pennsylvania will run from June 13-15 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and will include three wholesale ways to buy – order-writing, artisan gallery, and cash and carry.

Since 1989, Market Square has been managing unique and successful wholesale shows throughout the country. Market Square is well known for shows in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania; Madison, Wisconsin; Marlborough, Massachusetts; and Springfield, Ohio. For more information visit or call 717-796-2377.