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Dunroven House: Diverse Fabric and Upholstered Furniture

Dunroven House, where quality meets diversification.

With over 365 designer fabrics, Dunroven House has become the fashion leader in the fabric and upholstered industry with countless opportunities to customize your customers selection of tea towels, window treatments, throws, bedding, table top and upholstered furniture.

Roots as a maker of upholstered furniture.

Dunroven House was founded in 1984 primarily as a maker of upholstered furniture and was purchased in May 2007 by Joe and Annette Demarco. The Demarco’s had the vision that people should never settle when it comes to their furniture and home accessories but rather they should choose their furniture piece and their fabric to meet the unique tastes of every customer.

Dunroven House

A diverse product line of fabric and upholstery offered by Dunroven House.

Now they supply product to several channels of business which includes gift shops, fabric shops, craft stores, sewing centers and furniture stores. They have a very diverse set of products from with their customers can choose. Simply put, they offer the highest level of quality at very competitive prices.

Dunroven House customer service team goes out of their way.

When asked what is the driving force behind Dunroven House, Joe Demarco answers without hesitation, “service, quality and value to our customers. Our customer service team goes out of their way to ensure that our customers are completely satisfied.”

How do they accomplish this? “First and foremost, we listen to our customers, they are the direct line between us and the end user, as they interact with them daily.” states Demarco. “We don’t just offer the designs or colors that we like, as a company we have to offer the product that our customers want.”

Dunroven House

Upholstered sculpted chair in fabric by Dunroven House.

Dunroven House

Country toile fabric by Dunroven House.

Spot on with latest trends.

The Demarco’s attend many trade shows throughout the year where they can attend workshops given by leading trendsetters in the industry talking about future trends in colors and design. They are spot on when it comes to the latest trends.

Unique skill sets.

This family owned business is exceptional in both its products and customer service. Each family member brings something unique to the table. Annette and Joe own and manage the daily operations of the business while their daughter Jenna Turner heads their marketing, export and customer service team. Their younger daughter Lindsay is a junior at Appalachian State University and she works on their customer service team during the summer and when she is home on holiday breaks. Joe adds, “Our newest member of our family is Blake Marie Turner, Jenna’s new baby, who comes to work with Jenna three days a week? It is fun to see her “grow up” in the business.”

Dunroven House

Joe and Annette Demarco, owners of Dunroven House.

Visit Dunroven House at our February show.

Stop by Dunroven House’s booth at the Market Square Show this February 4-6, 2018 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center to see why they are matchless with the product selection and quality.