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Shooner Pottery: A rare opportunity to buy wholesale

Shooner Pottery makes exquisite reproductions of authentic redware pottery.

After years of requests from store owners across the country Greg and Mary Shooner will be exhibiting at the Market Square Gallery show February 4-6, 2018. For those few who are not familiar with Shooner Pottery, Greg Shooner and Mary Spellmire-Shooner exquisitely re-create authentic redware pottery.

Shooner Pottery, exquisite reproductions

Greg Shooner adds exquisite detail to his reproduction pottery.

Recognized as the finest in its field.

Greg and Mary use their combined years (nearly a century) of pottery experience to make a ware that is unrivaled in its interpretation of rare antiques. They work alone, with a passionate commitment to quality and artistic control. A lifelong interest in art led them separately to pottery and then together to the study of redware. A love story of both art and history their redware is truly a labor of love, and is recognized as the finest in its field, coveted by period enthusiasts from coast to coast.

A rare opportunity.

Now Market Square buyers will have a rare opportunity to purchase their product at wholesale pricing. Every piece is handmade and unique and no two pieces are the same, for that reason buyers will only be able to purchase their product at the Gallery show.

Shooner Pottery

Shooner Pottery is coveted by period enthusiasts from coast to coast.

That uniqueness and dedication to quality is what they are known for and why they are so successful. When asked why Market Square? Greg states, “Because Market Square isĀ  nationally known and they get buyers from across the country. We feel we can address a broad base of stores,” Greg continues, “We can do one show by doing the best wholesale show in the country. This will be the only opportunity to buy wholesale and no orders will be taken.” Grateful for their success they want to thank their customers and also give new customers an opportunity to purchase their wares. Having stores from across the country purchase their product will bring their product into an area that they just couldn’t get to because of limited time.

Accolades as top traditional craftsmen.

The Shooners have been selected as one of American’s top traditional craftsmen for over 25 years by Early American Life magazine. Midwest Living magazine considered their work as “Best of the Midwest”.

There has been an ongoing of appreciation for the warmth and beauty of this forgotten folk art in the past forty years and the Shooners enjoy a unique space in this renaissance. Visit Market Square February 4-6 at the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center and you too can share in this exceptional piece of history.

Shooner Pottery

Reproduction period redware by Shooner Pottery.

Detail of Shooner Pottery

Detail of Shooner Pottery.