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CTW Home Collection: Largest selection of new products

CTW has a large influence on our industry.

Anyone familiar with CTW Home Collection recognizes the influence they have on our industry. For more than two decades the industry has looked to CTW to see what’s hot and what’s in style. They clearly have an innate ability to develop and understand the trends and merchandise the items in a clean sophisticated approach.

CTW Home Collection

In-style farmhouse inspired decor by CTW Home Collection.

Why is CTW so good at what they do?

Besides instinct, CTW runs their company like a well-oiled machine. First priority is product development. President Tom LaRose and Vice President Charlie Lederer regularly go on antiquing expeditions to find inspirations for the companies Farmhouse inspired home decor. They also keep a close eye on their own inventory and track what sells and most importantly, they listen to the customers. 

“We research, we decide what is the next biggest thing and try to take that and make it our own. From there, the products go through an intense design phase and are then produced overseas, maintaining strict quality control,” says Tom LaRose. The result is a product that reflects the current trends and is available at an attractive price point.

Tom LaRose

Tom LaRose, president of CTW Home Collection.

Letting CTW employees be their best.

Another important key to CTW success is their employees. Most of their personnel has been with them for decades. “That’s because Tom takes care of us,” said Charlie Lederer. “The staff really knows their job and they do it well. We let people be the best they can be,” added Tom.

Servicing three generations of buyers.

Last, quality and customer service is what drives CTW. They have been serving customers for more than 30 years and they have had the privilege of servicing 3 generations of buyers from one store, grandmothers, mothers, and daughters. “We value our relationship with our retailers, we consider them partners,” stated LaRose.

CTW brings largest selection of new product. Ever.

What can you expect for the February 2018 Market Square Show? The largest selection of new products ever presented by CTW. “We may need two catalogs there is so much new product,” state Lederer. Categories such as totes and bags, pendant lamps, table lamps and vintage bulbs, kitchen and garden decor, mason jar items, treen, and night lights, just to name a few.

CTW Home Collection

CTW Home Collection develops products from antiquing expeditions.

Make CTW a must stop at this February 2018 Market Square Show. For more information visit CTW’s website at or call them directly at 800-433-5054.